Private Investigator

If you need friendly, discreet and qualified private investigator, call Bamberfield!

Bamberfield is private detective agency, that engage highly professional and experienced private investigators, mostly in the UK, but and in any other country, in the world. So, wherever you live, if you need private investigator, contact Bamberfield!

Investigation Services offer wide range of private investigation services, some of them are:

Missing Persons
Background Checks
Process Serving
Workplace Thefts
Child Support Avoidance
Vehicle Tracking
Mobile Phone and PC Forensics
Matrimonial Issues
Lost Family & Friends

In any case, you can contact Bamberfield detective agency, whenever you want, and you can chat with their private investigator for free, in order to see how they can help you. They work with the flexible budget, taloired to the client needs.

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